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We will handle every aspect of your immigration process.

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Get full support even after you land in Canada.

Experiences in all immigration matters makes Hammett Law Group your first choice for all your immigration needs. 

Years of Experience

Building on previous experience as an Executive Officer for the United Kingdom Government, Hammett Law Group understands the way an officer will approach an application; if the application meets the requirements, from assessing the purpose of the application to the review of the supporting information and documentation.

We're Immigrants helping Immigrants

Having experienced the immigration process personally, we understand the complexity of moving to a new country; the anxiety of the application process and settling in a new environment; whether it is temporary or permanent, the concerns are still the same and still equally valid.

We're always up to date

As a law firm, we understand the immigration legislation and keeps current with all the changes in policies, procedures and guidance. With new amendments made on an almost daily basis, HLG prides itself on being aware of the breaking news within Canadian immigration.

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Anikka Hammett

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